Volunteers Preparing to Haul Water to Sand Wash Basin HMA

Personnel with Wild Horse Warriors for Sand Wash Basin are finalizing plans to bring water to the Sand Wash mustangs, according to a report posted 06/12/18 in Steamboat Today.  The action stems from ongoing drought conditions.


The report says the HMA is enclosed by a fence.  If that’s true, the horses are no longer self-reliant.  If they can’t move to other areas to find food and water, they’ll become dependent on people or will die.  You fence ’em, you own ’em.


The Sand Wash Basin HMA covers 157,730 acres in northwest Colorado.  The upper end of the AML is 363, for a population density of 2.3 horses per thousand acres.

RELATED: Water Holes Drying Up at Sand Wash Basin HMA.

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