Rural Water Systems – Testing

Your water treating supplier can give you test strips to monitor the hardness of water from your well and downstream of the treatment system.  In the example below, there is no green tint, no orange tint, so the hardness is around seven grains per gallon.  Photo was taken about an hour after the test so the indicator may have faded.

Your supplier may also have kits that measure other properties of your water, such as pH, hardness and alkalinity.  If not, try a pool equipment vendor.  The kit may also test for chlorine, which typically is not present in rural water systems.

The addition of chlorine or bleach to water creates hypochlorous acid, among other things, which kills bacteria.  If you have a pool at your ranch or other body of water you’re trying to disinfect, it’s important to keep the pH between seven and eight so the HA can do it’s job.

Look at a bottle of Vetericyn, a common treatment for wounds in the horse world.  The active ingredient is hypochlorous acid.


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