Another Reason to Build the Wall

In this video, posted 05/25/18, Tucker Carlson, Fox News host, interviews Dave Duquette, spokesman for Protect the Harvest and cheerleader for the buck-forty-oners.  Topic is horse slaughter.  Broadcast date unknown.  Notice the AQHA logo on Duquette’s jacket.

On the subject of horse meat, Duquette reported “There was one meat buyer…in the south of…in Florida…that said he had 2.3 million Hispanics down there that would eat it…every day if they could get it.”

A few moments later he said “Mexico, if you’ve eaten tacos on the beach in Cabo, you’ve eaten some horse meat.”

Maybe he’s on a public relations tour to build support for the recent BLM Report to Congress.

But his comments are a reminder that we have people coming into the country who don’t share our values, especially the sovereignty of the individual and the proper role of government in the civil society.  We need to keep them out.

Yet in November, many of the so-called wild horse advocates, including the PZP zealots, will join The Diversity in voting for the party of open borders.

As hard as it is to listen to this guy, it’s harder to watch the images of horses that begin at 1:08.

Halters in arenas and pastures, horses locked in stalls, stud chains over their nose, all because they’re owned or cared for by idiots.  Nevertheless, these things indicate the horses are wanted and are unlikely to be taken to auction.

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