No to Cannon in SD 17

Yearning for open space?  Check out this guy’s bio.  What does he do for a living?  What are his qualifications for office?  Is he on board with the fundamental transformation?

The Democrat candidate recently visited the Pine Nut Mountain herd area to learn about birth control for horses.

Hmmm, can the technique be used to re-shape the electorate?  It’s already happening.  The birth rate in the U.S. is negative because we are aborting/sterilizing/contracepting ourselves out of existence.  Although rarely discussed, this is an important part of the Voter Replacement Project sponsored by his party.

Our wild ones are losing ground, literally, because of Multiple Use.  What are some of the factors making livestock grazing on public lands (especially HMAs) more attractive?

  • Costs – corn is getting too expensive due to ethanol production
  • Pop culture – a belief that range-fed beef is better for you
  • Revenue – grazing fees help nourish the leviathan
  • Land – not enough of it in private hands

Who pushes alternate energy?  Who wants more money from the private sector?  Who thinks government should control everything?  Liberals.

Anybody asking for ‘an equitable solution to our wild horses’ doesn’t understand the issues and shouldn’t be setting policy, political leanings aside.

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