One Hundred and Six

No, it’s not the number of lives denied last year on the Virginia Range due to PZP, that figure is higher.

It’s the stocking rate in acres per horse for the Virginia Range.  The scaled reciprocal, horses per thousand acres, is 9.4.

As noted on 03/26/18, these figures differ appreciably from those used by the BLM.

For example, read this post dated 03/02/18 at Straight from the Horse’s Heart.  Stocking rates for some of the HMAs in Nevada are discussed, along with those for livestock.

The stocking rate for the Triple B Complex is 0.4 horses per thousand acres (just 4.4% of that for the VR), yet there was a large gather at the HMA earlier this year.

Protect the Harvest says the stocking rate for the Virginia Range should be 640 acres per horse, or about 1.5 horses per thousand acres.

Why would they even care?  The Virginia Range is mostly private land and the potential for grazing is limited.

If word gets out that the carrying capacity of the range might be greater than stated in the official story line, AMLs could quadruple overnight, and the plan for replacing horses with cattle on public lands would be dealt a major setback.


H/T PNWHA for the link on wild horse overpopulation.

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