Are Wild Horses a Problem?

Not according to an editorial published 01/13/18 in The Salt Lake Tribune.  Their habitat has been cut in half and they’re competing with livestock for food so what do you expect?

Sounds like sabotage.

Keep in mind the WHB Act, in its current form, still gives priority to horses and burros in areas where they lived in 1971.


No, we need to get rid of the ones in captivity and restrict the growth of those still on the range.

They’ll be born into a world of starvation and thirst, you know.

If the administration wants to reduce spending (generally a good idea), eliminate funding for Planned Parenthood and leave the horses alone.  A child born into poverty without a father certainly faces challenges ahead but that doesn’t mean he should be denied his right to life.

[That statement pretty much guarantees these remarks will never appear in Google search results.]

Related: See the video in this post.  If anyone has film of ranchers sobbing as their cattle are loaded for slaughter please link it here.

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