Multiple Use

Code word for ‘diversity’ on the range.

However, the goal is not variety of inhabitants.  It’s about reducing the influence of certain ‘undesirable’ elements in the population.

You know, like straight white men.  No, wait a minute…wild horses and burros.

Not that you hate horses and burros.  Just the things they represent.

Family, freedom, self-reliance, mobility, autonomy, virility.

You’ll need some metrics to promote awareness of the ‘problem.’

Give them nice names, such as ‘appropriate management levels.’

Values can be assigned to the metrics by tables of random numbers or lightning bolts from Mt. Olympus.  These numbers establish limits on the size of the population segments.  If their size goes beyond the AMLs, corrective actions will be taken.

Other segments in the population have no limits.  Especially if they were placed on the range from other ‘areas.’

You need to be more welcoming and inclusive.

P.S. Would like to see the folks over at Maggie’s Farm rethink their position on the subject.

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