You can use Bing to search this site.  Enter xxxxx in the address bar, where xxxxx is the term you’re looking for.

For example, you want to find posts about the high-capacity adoption center in Laramie County, WY.  Type ‘laramie’ into the address field.

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You can compose the search string in a text editor and paste it into Bing, such as

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If you want to embed a link on your site that readers can use to find posts about the adoption facility, use the same string: Posts About Laramie County Adoption Center.

Results will change with time as new information emerges.

A few weeks ago you saw a post about the ‘Path Forward’ that explained why local advocacy groups were cut out of the process but now it’s buried in the stack.

Then you remember that those groups were ignored because they’re on the fringe and might try to thwart several years of progress.

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To find posts containing a phrase, use quotation marks in the search string.

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If you want to know what was posted on 12-25-19, go to the Index and use Find (Ctrl+F in IE) to search for ’12-25-19′ (date format is always mm-dd-yy).

The sidebar on the right of the home page has posts grouped by month and year.

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