BLM Policies and Practices

Presentation by John Ruhs, State Director for BLM in Nevada, at the National Wild Horse and Burro Summit in August 2017.  Thirty minutes in length but worth it.

Remarks from 0:01:30 to 0:03:09 reflect the BLM mission in the post-Obama era.

  • Making America Safe through Energy Independence
  • Making America Great Through Shared Conservation Stewardship
  • Making America Safe – Restoring Our Sovereignty
  • Getting America Back to Work
  • Serving the American Family

Wild horses and burros fall under the ‘historic values’ category (0:02:17).

Conference sponsored by the National Horse & Burro Rangeland Management Coalition, which is not a WHB advocacy group.

The second presentation in the video focuses mostly on the burros in Arizona.

The final presentation deals with disease on the range.

What is a Judas Horse?

A trained horse released at the trap entrance to draw the wild ones into captivity.

In this video, from the 2015 Kiger gather, the JH appears at 12:16 behind some trees, just inside the temporary fence.  He is released at 12:23, as the mustangs pass by, and they follow him into the trap.

Carrot in front, stick in the back.

BLM Gathers in Progress

South Steens in Oregon.

Triple B Complex in Nevada.

Bible Springs Complex in Utah.

Next internet adoption adoption begins 02/13/18.

Conditions in South Steens as of October 2017, documented by Mustang Meg: